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Symptom-free or greatly reduced from Covid in under 5 minutes

In addition, why do biotechnologists (with regard to nutrition) and doctors say nothing about Covid behavior on radio & television?

Please to enlightenment! I have marked doctors and fellow students here. I want to know it! Why is there still quarantine for up to two years if you don't teach healthy habits to people? I'll mention that at the end. I also mention how the quarantines can be prevented. With the following habits it will usually be possible for you to be symptom-free from Covid in 5 minutes - cough, runny nose & fever-free. The habits of behavior and nutrition are crucial. The earlier you know this, the more ridiculous Covid or the vaccine damage from Covid becomes. The vaccination is just Covid in a weakened form. If you want to fly abroad and you need a Covid test, it is not advisable to get vaccinated before the test. Every virus has a lipid layer made up of fat and long-chain carbohydrates. Every secondary school student can do it with the formula on the website ( It is a basic knowledge from biotechnology. If you do not consume fat and carbohydrates, the virus cannot multiply and begins to die within minutes. In order to be able to keep the vaccine longer at all, it has to be frozen to -75 degrees Celsius. In rehab or in the intensive care unit, where the wound is already large (no longer small as it was at the beginning), one begins to explain to patients how to close a large wound. Recognized, valued doctors WHY do you only do this with large wounds in the lungs (dry cough) and not say something like that in public with small scratches?

Symptome abstellen meist unter 5 min, jedoch kann es je nach Gewohnheiten 1 Abend bis ein paar Tage dauern bis man komplett gesund ist:

* Chills, fiber with accelerated KH-, fat burning and protein-rich diet: => 250 mg Vit. C per day (5 lemons or 3 kiwi) => Exercising Sport (dancing, fitness ...) burns KH - & fat to protein before the Virus can use this. In no case should you lie down and leave the carbohydrates and fat in Virus - give away. => one of the best fat burners is egg white whipped with sugar, in combination with breathing exercises you can burn up to 3 kg of fat per day, but you can also just take meat and increase your breathing. => Comprehensible scientific principles in the clip (look for volunteers for the translation into other languages) Scientific approach to starve out viruses (= core of alternative medicine): => Unfortunately, this clip is only available in German for time reasons. If you have time to translate the clip, contact me for a moment * Dry cough is the penetration of blood plasma into the lungs: => The wound is closed by building up pressure. => You have to stop the dry cough, which tears the lungs more apart => Possible for small wounds with pressure build-up in> 30 seconds. Scientific approach that one strives for in rehab: => Unfortunately, this clip is only available in German for time reasons. If you have time to translate the clip, please contact me

If you want to feel or get fatal symptoms, then do the following:

a. take a medium to strong Covid virus or the vaccination b. Eat chocolate (long-chain carbohydrates), dairy products with a few proteins before and after. c. Relax, lie down and leave the food to your Covid Virus, which eats your tissue d. It is best to lie down in the hospital with other sick people so that you can get up to 30 other Covid virus diseases. c. Start coughing when there is a slight urge to cough d. Take less than 250 mg Vit. C. per day => that can kill you

If your symptoms intensify for days to weeks, the following causes of death:

a. Lungs: Blood plasma breaks through the lungs, one slowly begins to drown, but then usually dies from embolism or pneumonia. (about 5 weeks of wrong habits) b. Cardiovascular system: the virus affects the kidneys and decomposes them => kidney failure, rarely on the heart => heart attack c. Nose: no death only loss of taste

Why does the virus last 2-3 years?

a. Personally, I've had the virus about 7-8 times. I almost always turned it off in one evening with the habits mentioned above and a few additional ones. That's why it's not a real disease for me as a risk patient. Last time I thought I had to be immune. Well not really without the habits with the above-mentioned amount of Vit. C the body cannot break down the virus and it has a strong impact on the circulation. => That means you need at least. 5-6 vaccinations probably but more likely 10 vaccinations if you don't contain the virus with healthy habits. But with healthy habits you don't need a vaccination. In addition, every quarantine weakens the immune system and leads to further vaccinations, as contact with people strengthens the immune system. Logically, if you wait several viruses come, that means you have to fight not just one but several viruses at the same time. I also think the vaccination is good, although I will not vaccinate if it is not compulsory. However, one point is of concern for me if the vaccination falls below 50% effectiveness (see Brazilian vaccination) and there is another high mutation rate of the vaccine,

How could one prevent quarantines in Europe?

a. Quite simply like in the Middle Ages with education of healthy habits carried out by biotechnologists. Unfortunately, doctors often do not have the scientific background training and speak of a miracle for me at least too quickly. Whereby a good biotechnology like me can usually say to the minute how long something lasts (cough, runny nose) and how it comes about. One can take coughs, runny nose and much more as indicators. If the symptom gets worse after eating, you know, for example, that you have eaten the wrong thing. The same can be calculated mathematically. b. Politicians must finally bring real experts to the front and not trading partners of mask manufacturers. Many small details, for example: removing Vit. C tablets below 250mg can have major fatal effects, even during vaccination. Often times people get the real symptoms from other sick people in the hospital. So it is only advisable not to panic over the radio. However, the radio is used to panic, to lead people into a gas chamber worse than World War II. c. You should share articles like this, so share the article or mark friends who are mixed eaters, are looking for clarification, are afraid or are high-risk patients with previous illnesses. Especially marked friends who were already in the intensive otherwise it could be that they have to go back to the intensive with Covid. An overload of the intensive then leads to quarantines again. d. Schools and universities should help with education. e. Politicians get money from people to help people. The money should therefore also be used to help educate people about healthy habits. => if everything could be perfectly optimized, a worldwide normal state could occur in 1 week. I would have sent people back almost as quickly as they got sick to the hospital, sent them home almost completely healthy after 1-2 days or told them at home via the media what to do. It doesn’t make any money, but it’s political because politics’s only job is to connect people, to keep them educated and healthy. In order to get fewer sick people and to avoid quarantines, I will write to politicians and ask whether they will support me financially in the upcoming fundraising campaign for the expansion of my platform of healthy habits at: : Then I'll let you know how much the politicians care about your health. Unfortunately I know that radio, see next post, does not support education. Although I actually know that the radio, see last refugee crisis, has to listen to politics completely. For friends, I am always available to provide help at Covid against a voluntary donation. With strangers, I would only offset something with a money-back guarantee if I were successful quickly, or, as an actual risk patient, I would go to hospital for a fee without a mask and remain symptom-free - if I can adjust my habits. The habits can then be transferred so that the patient can get better sooner. Estimated 1-2 days for severe symptoms, if people are not restricted in movement. Instead of a hospital stay of 3 weeks or more. 1-2 days would lead to hospital relief, the quarantines would be removed and you and I could continue to enjoy normal life in Brazil now. Here is my contact, but I can only be reached via Whatsapp because I have no reception in Brazil: Christoph Schweighofer: +43 660 3122 059

Why am I at risk?

* I used to have ~ 13 allergies and asthma * naturally short of breath and because of bad habits I get little breath. Generally I try to keep healthy habits, but I don't always succeed in times of stress. * My lungs burn like fire at night when I drink 2-3 liters of carbonated drinks => with healthy habits I can quickly remove such symptoms.

Next clips:

* How can one usually heal wounds faster than conventionally with a home remedy? Combined with how can you make a poorly perfused black foot pink again? Unfortunately, in this case the operation is mostly mainly carried out in South America but also in Europe instead of using the right home remedy. The scientific, understandable background behind the healing is also briefly explained. * What is the chem. Background of life, easily illustrated, simply and comprehensibly explained by a blood test. Content: a. Part I for creating a formula for calculating the service life. => with the formula (I have it almost completely) one can calculate and extend the life span. b. Overview of how you can cure CHRONIC diseases: cancer, diabetes & inflammation often. With cancer, however, it is advisable to combine conventional medicine and habits. c. I will ask the IMC Krems or Josephinum if they want to work together, or if I can give a lecture about healthy habits this year with biscuits for weight loss (first production should start in March in the best case) * Risk patient allergy sufferers: How can you avoid allergies usually turn it off quickly and turn high-risk patients into immune-strength people. What is the understandable background? => Subscribe - Like - Follow the page to be informed of news from these areas: @Friends, Marketers: I am limited in time because I am switching from 1 source of income to several so that I can afford the expansion of the platform for healthy habits ( and the implementation of the clock for healthy habits. So please if marketers or someone has time to write to politicians for donations, just contact me. I am also happy to send you a marketing percentage as a profit from the donations by arrangement. The politicians know you can simply mention them here in the comments. In my opinion, it is more advisable to rely on more freedom with healthy habits than on quarantines, which can then later be followed by mandatory vaccination. => If politicians do not rely on clarification (transparency), as Mr Kurz said when he was elected so that he could win, I will try to vote politicians out (end of March) when I have time. There must be no politicians who encourage people to die worse in a gas chamber like in World War II or who destroy freedom by creating fear and trying to digitize everything. "Fear is just a lack of clarification". Another name for transparency, as Mr. Kurz called it, so that he could win his election. => For all those who have had enough of the quarantine, I can only recommend flying to Brazil on the beach there is no quarantine, people celebrate life together and there are no distance regulations ... As long as you follow the rules mentioned above, you are too certainly in my tried and tested opinion. The probability that you get it really hard is almost 0% even though you are among many 100 or thousands of people. @Harald: Perhaps you now understand why I said years ago at the last class reunion that a comparison platform of healthy habits is vital. With the platform there would be no quarantine and people would live not die. => I find it easy to think ahead like Bill Gates. Yes, there will be another pandemic at some point. But with habits it's easy to turn them off. When I think of the most dangerous Ebola virus, it becomes a joke with habits. How so? 40% chance of survival with Ebola, what do these 40% do differently? Already 40% will survive 100%. Is that why you should lock people up? => I know that healthy habits reduce jobs in the medical field. However, I have known for years how to do better new jobs. So far I don't have the money and therefore the time to implement it, but if everything goes well I can finance everything from my own pocket until June. @ esteemed professors, doctors and graduates, why don't you clarify and just let yourself be locked up? Do you have the same experience with the radio, media? @Friends who need questions and scientific confirmation => You have the best leading scientists in the world marked my former professors. IMC Krems pays that the world's leading scientists are invited to Science Day to give lectures. The specialty is that the entire training is in English, so the worldwide knowledge is available.